The Most Divine Experience For Women


A RADIANT woman is a force of LIFE!

She radiates with the brilliance of the sun, fully aware of her own strength and potential.

She is a captivating embodiment of love, unrestricted and infinite.


The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself


Do you feel numb? Yearning for a deeper connection with yourself, others and your desires? You know deep down that you're capable of so much more than what you have chosen to accept for yourself.

Shannon's mission is to empower you to unleash your true self, reclaim your identity, and embody your divine femininity, untamed and unapologetic. This energy is already inside you, waiting for you to evoke her. It's time to let go of negative habits that no longer serve you and your body and to cultivate a new and profound connection with YOU!

It's time to let go of the hyper masculine burnt out you and step into the most radiant feminine force of nature that YOU can be.


Take a moment to ask yourself if you are actively creating the life you truly desire?


Do you long to...


Experience genuine happiness and fulfilment in all aspects of your life, including your relationship with yourself?

Love and accept yourself unconditionally, without seeking validation from others?

Feel complete and content in your personal and romantic relationships?

Embrace your worth and exude confidence in every area of your life?

Be deeply connected to your body and to make sense of how your body operates as a woman with ever changing hormones and cycles?

Heal from trauma that is holding you back from the life you truly desire?

Do you want to awaken from a state of numbness and experience deeper and more exquisite pleasure?

Do you wish to embody the essence of a radiant woman who feels deeply, loves freely, and fully embraces life AND is safe in every moment to do so?


It's Time To End This Silent War Happening Within You

A radiant woman is one who truly lives, loves, and feels alive, fully empowered in her body with strong boundaries and a deep knowing that she is ENOUGH!

If you are finally ready to let go of the past & learn how to love & trust yourself wholeheartedly, than this experience is for you!

Your Most Self-Loving You Awaits

When a woman loves herself she only chooses the best for herself. She knows what she wants in life & love & goes after it with unwavering confidence. She knows that no one is coming to save her so she boldly & bravely saves herself.


The Etymology Of


c. 1600, "brilliant light, brightness shooting in diverging rays or beams," from radiant (adj.) or else from Medieval Latin radiantia "brightness," from radiare "to beam, shine" 

Your Journey Includes 

  •    8 weekly live calls with Shannon, each lasting 60-90 minutes, where you will learn all the course modules as well as receive hot seat coaching opportunities.
  • Modules for the ultimate women's empowerment - masculine & feminine energetics, womb wisdom, hot seat coaching opportunities, timeline therapy, breathwork, meditation and whole lot of celebration!
  •    A private WhatsApp chat with Shannon and the other RADIANCE women who will co-create this divine experience with you. Shannon will be available Monday to Friday within the chat.
  •    Guided meditations, course modules and access to content exclusive to RADIANCE that will help you on your journey.
  •  Tasks and accountability to keep you creating the outcome and results you desire that will support you in embodying the RADIANCE lessons. 

You Are Everything You Need

Have you lost yourself? Have you experienced heart ache and your sparkle has dwindled. This is an experience to remind you of who you are, to remind you of the profound power and magic of your feminine being. To show you how to sparkle brightly again because you deserve to feel RADIANT.



Radiance was more than coaching. I felt the love and support in every call, message and it was really beautiful. Each week I found I was stripping back a layer and finding more peace within myself. Learning new things about me. Shani created a safe and nurturing space to bring all of me. Any question that I brought up was held with love. Learning not only by what I brought up but also from the other ladies journeys. I have life long friends from Radiance. Continued support months later from the beautiful ladies. When I entered Radiance I felt heavy and overwhelmed. Finishing Radiance I am strong, powerful and know exactly who I am with so many tools and learning cemented in my day to day life.


Radiance! Is the best thing I’ve ever done, it has changed my entire life. Diving into radiance, Investing in myself & trusting Shani to guide me through the program has taught me the most incredible lessons of self love & self worth. Through this experience I’ve been reminded of the powerful connection that’s created when women come together on their healing journey. I have been reconnected with self & I now truly understand myself as a divine woman. I will be eternally grateful for Shani & for what I learned during Radiance.


I had already been in other trainings and group programs prior to joining Radiance. I had a growing bond with Shani, and I leaned in to the feeling that there was more that she had to offer me. Prior to starting Radiance, I was still having a hard time with self love and self worth. That all changed during Radiance. Call after call, week after week, I cultivated the most incredible relationships with the other women and most importantly the relationship with myself became the best it had ever been. I continue to utilise the skills and practices that I learned during my time with Shani, and still have the most magical relationship with all of the women who were in Radiance alongside me. If you’re looking for a way to truly step into your divine feminine and are ready to create the deepest connection to self, Radiance is it!

I Want To Shine Bright A Diamond

The world is ready for you to unleash your true feminine essence, which is a precious gift to this planet. It's time to witness you stepping into your power because she already resides within YOU!