You have a choice… You can stay exactly where you are or take this calling seriously and build an incredible life from becoming the empowered woman that is itching at the surface of your skin.

Your journey includes:

  •    8 weekly live calls with Shannon, each lasting 60-90 minutes, where you will learn all the course modules as well as receive hot seat coaching opportunities.
  •    A private WhatsApp chat with Shannon and the other RADIANCE women who will co-create this divine experience with you. Shannon will be available Monday to Friday within the chat.
  •    Guided meditations, course modules and access to content exclusive to RADIANCE that will help you on your journey.
  •   An overnight in person retreat on the Gold Coast. Dates and times change per program. 
  • The world is ready for you to unleash your true feminine essence, which is a precious gift to this planet. I am thrilled to meet you and witness you stepping into your power because she already resides within YOU!

It's time to choose YOU!

$2,497.00 AUD