It's Your Time Now

 This is your home to be loved and supported by like-hearted women and a high level coach and mentor.

An online portal to bring your cuppa and blanket, relax and get INSPIRED!


Everything You Need To Inspire You 


Hello my love,

I am so deeply passionate about inspiring you to make positive changes in your life so that begin to go all in on YOU no matter what stage in life you are in.

Ever found yourself at that crossroads, feeling the pulsating energy within, that unmistakable potential yearning to be set free? Your journey is ready for a touch of INSPIRATION!

Picture this: More tools, more growth, and all the secret formulas for your own personal success. It's about committing to consistent growth and learning while being cocooned in a community that not only supports you, it also cherishes the magic that is YOU!

Get ready to embrace new levels of self-love, shedding old skins like a butterfly!

I welcome you to INSPIRED, your exclusive membership offering a magical blend of tools, knowledge, activations, and teachings—all crafted to ignite the spark within and radiate that brilliance outside. And here's the best part: it's all happening in the comfort of your sacred space, be it your cozy nook or a serene hideaway. Regardless of your story, time zone, or financial situation, you're invited to join a circle of like-hearted queens who not only see you but totally GET you.

Imagine an inspiring portal filled with empowering videos, soul-nurturing teachings, and LIVE group coaching sessions. It's like having a personal coach and mentor cheering you on as you grow in every aspect of your fabulous life!

This is more than a journey; it's a sisterhood—a sanctuary where your spirit takes flight!

Ready to start this beautiful adventure together?

With love and BIG excitement, 

Shani xxx


What You'll Receive When You Get INSPIRED

  •  Instant 24/7 access as soon as you invest to a variety of engaging content in the Portal—choose from themes, teachings, and modalities that suit your delicious & divine mood.
  •  Take your pick from a range of activities and resources like meditation, workshops, masterclasses, lessons, podcasts, and more each time you log in., with more being added weekly.
  •  Enjoy exclusive content and connect with a supportive community in the INSPIRED Members Only Facebook group to reinforce your learning. Get ready for surprises, bonuses, VIP perks, exclusive invites, and more!


  •  Monthly LIVE calls and online gatherings hosted by none other than your Coach and Mentor, Shannon Hottes!
  •  Dive into interactive group coaching sessions, featuring Q&A and occasional appearances by special guest speakers brought in by Shannon herself.


You're a goddess, a badass and boss ass babe! AND you've totally got this.

This is the beginning.